Mediation services

“LARISA DUDCIUC” law office provides the following legal services to its clients (physical or juridical persons):

Representation services

Consultancy services

Mediation services

Mediation, as an alternative way of solving conflicts, was regulated for the first time in Romania by the Law no. 192/2006, it being also an activity of public interest.
Physical or juridical persons can use mediation voluntarily, even after the initiation of a trial in front of a legal court, by agreeing on the way to solve any conflict in civil matters, consumer protection, copyright protection, property, commercial, family, labour law.
In criminal matters, mediation can be used  in conflicts and disputes in which the criminal prosecution is initiated by a prior complaint of the victim.
The mediation process aims to end or prevent a conflict between two or more parties, who find their own solutions to their problems and reach an agreement acceptable to the both parties, guided by their mediator.
The mediator can be a person authorized to practice this activity, in the conditions provided by the law.
In case the parties involved in a process agree to solve their problems through mediation, the court tax paid, will be refunded in full.

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